World of SERPUI

World of SERPUI

Barbiecore by SERPUI

Hi Barbie!


Pink is the new black! The color of the moment, because of the huge buzz around the Barbie movie, pink is making a huge comeback in looks Barbiecore. The vibrant and bright trend may be new to some, but pink has been a staple in SERPUI’s collection for many seasons. Here’s a little sneak peak to get you inspired! 



Store Feature: Une Belle Trouvaille

Meet Une Belle Trouvaille in Palm Beach 

When did you open the store and why did you decide to do it?

 I started my Une Belle Trouvaille journey 7 years ago. Saying an emphatic YES to opening meant I got to call Palm Beach a second home! I travel all over the world to find unique, special and beautifully made items that fit our luxury boho-chic aesthetic and bring back to our island oasis. Finding these brands and artisans and bringing their presence into Palm Beach is what makes me excited about owning Une Belle Trouvaille.

How long have you had the SERPUI collection and how does it do?

I have been carrying Serpui for a little over two years and the brand does amazingly well in our boutique! I often sell out of our styles and love that our clientele has become familiar with the brand and awaits the newest collections. I love that the Serpui bags bring a great twist to the classic design of a bag. Elevating a classic design into a statement piece that will be the talk of every outfit.

What’s your favorite SERPUI bag?

My favorite shipments are always from SERPUI, when we open the order, I am reminded of all the fun new clutches we have purchased and get excited thinking about how I am going to best showcase and merchandise the multiple options in a cohesive story within in our boutique. The Charlotte clutch won us over the minute she came in! We love its versatility, its size (always love when a clutch holds all necessities), and shape.

How do you celebrate 4th of July at the store, and what’s your favorite 4th of July tradition?

The 4th of July is always a great vacation time for us all. Filled with fun Island traditions. It is full of people vacationing from all over the world and the few locals who have chosen to stay around for the summer. We open the doors with island energy and get our Ibizia style music playing and get ready to welcome in those enjoying the holiday weekend walking up and down the sunny Royal Poinciana sidewalk. The 4th of July is a great family-friendly holiday! Celebrating at home with family, amazing BBQ food and following it up with a firework show on the rooftop overlooking the ocean is always a great way to end the night! 


SERPUI backstage process

Each SERPUI bag is made by hand, using the highest quality materials, by our team of talented artisans that weave, embroider and dye wickers and straws to create the exquisite bags imagined by designer Serpui Marie. 

Every one of our bags can take up to three days to be made, and many of them combine multiple techniques to create unique, nontraditional combinations.

We now invite you into our backstage, to have a glimpse of the intricate work that goes into our beautiful creations. Enjoy!

...and just like that Sarah Jessica Parker discovers SERPUI

And Just like that, one of SERPUI’s creations made headlines as it appeared on Carrie Bradshaw, played by the super stylish Sarah Jessica Parker. Our classic TINA WK LIGHT HONEY wicker bag has proven to be the perfect complement for the character’s bold style.

SJP, much like her Carrie, has always been a trendsetter, so seeing our bag worn in such a fun way has been an inspiration for all of us. Her bright colored floral dress, pink satin pumps, back jacket and knit beret were the perfect canvas for our caramel wicker bag to make a splashing “supporting role” but just as important entrance into the world of HBO’s most inspiring series. All we need now is a Cosmopolitan in hand and our summer inspiration is good to go.