Autumn Winter 2014

2014 is in full swing, and as this year gains momentum, so do our desires for beauty.

The experience of beauty is limitless.  It can navigate through the freshness of simplicity, or in the nuances of the extraordinary, then culminate in the sophistication of our daily lives.

Likewise, Serpui Marie creates beauty by revamping our experiences with the visual arts; setting forms and aesthetics free of structured preconceptions.  In graphics, figuratives, and abstracts, designer Serpui Marie consorts with both Navajo and Caucasian artists, and tries out the visions of Les Nabis, the post-Impressionist French artists who anticipated the transition between figurative and abstract art.  Unbounded still, Serpui also searches for inspiration from pieces of old propaganda, comics, and animated movies.

The vivid result of such eclectic sources of inspiration is an exceptional collection of clutches and handbags punctuated with elements of decor that remit to such diverse artists as Klimt, Matisse, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Sonia Delaunay, Paul Klee, as well as the comics of the sixties, and modern-day Tokyo.

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